Using Clonezilla

I recently had to rebuild our desktop system at the house, due to power supply and hard drive failures. I discovered that I’d conveniently neglected to ever back up the C: partition, where most of the interesting stuff was naturally stored. While rebuilding, I also developed a dependable process for me to back up the entire system, and documented it here. Continue reading


Devotion for Lars Olsen Skrefsrud

“It is the heathenism we want to get rid of, not the national character.”

Born in 1840, Lars became one of the best known Norwegian missionaries. He was born to a poor family in a small town north of Lillehammer, a home of the Winter Olympics. In his youth, he became a heavy drinker and wild young thing. With some buddies, he robbed a bank and was arrested. Refusing to reveal his accomplices, he was sent to prison for four years. Continue reading