I’ve been doing counted cross-stitch since I was in high school. I guess I started because I thought it was pretty (I feel pretty right now, just typing that), and I like math and the whole grid aspect of cross-stitching. If you like geometry, you’ll like this.

I shared the 2 santa samplers with my diakonia class this morning. I gave a presentation about my calling, and I wanted to do something visual. But, I wanted to tie it together with everything else. So, I riffed. Here’s what I shared.

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My Calling

I feel like I have to start with a story. Once upon a time, there was a real worship geek. Robes, candles, chanting, leading prayers, being annoyed at any little error in the bulletin. Self-importance. Hurrying to conscript acolytes and communion assistants. Pretending to listen to the sermon while obsessing over whether to give a chalice or tray to Communion Assistant X. He loved it and thought that was ministry. It worked for a while.

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Seeking My Vocation

I recently wrote about learning my spiritual and personality types. Along the way, I gained some insight into how I perceive God, and how that begins to establish my identity in the Body of Christ. But, I’m seeking answers to larger questions. I perceive God calling me to commit my life to serving the church and this broken world. But, what does that mean for my engineering career? And “service” can mean so many different things. Just what is God calling me to do?

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Discovering My Spiritual Type and the Myers-Briggs

Currently I’m taking the Practical Ministry I: Biblical Images course of the Diakonia Program. The course investigates the Lutheran concept of vocation, and introduces the concept of spiritual gifts having been bestowed upon each of us in diverse combinations. The “Biblical Images” part of the course is there too, but it’s an entire discussion for another day. It happens that I’ve been experiencing something of an identity crisis in recent years. I’ve been struggling with deep questions about my own sense of vocation and identity within the Body of Christ. Perhaps it’s more than coincidence that I find myself now being led through something of a more formal self-examination. Wily Holy Spirit indeed! Continue reading