Intercessions for July 30, 2011

This is the first time I’ve posted my intercessions for worship. It occurred to me that I ought to share them, and capture my thoughts and inspirations.

This week, the lectionary carries a strong message of God’s abundance in the wilderness. I’m just as bad as anyone else for forgetting, and seeing everything through the eyes of scarcity. We keep falling into the stinking thinking that we don’t have enough – that we need more and more. How can we survive this never-ending stress that can’t ever be satisfied? And if we can’t stop thinking about what we don’t have, how can we remember what we do have? I lose before I ever start, forgetting that I never needed to run in the race at all!

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Using rsync for Media Backups Between Windows and Linux

Elsewhere you can find my post about using Clonezilla to do system backups. I like backing up in this way because I can restore to a new drive without actually having to install anything. I like the sense of restoring a complete snapshot in time.

Unfortunately backing up takes much longer when there’s a lot of digital media on the drive. And I don’t edit my media very often, so it seems wasteful to include it in every backup. Continue reading