Intercessions for August 27, 2011

This week’s lectionary readings feel preoccupied with the perception of justice. What does “justice” mean? Are we to judge? Especially in the reality of living between the two kingdoms of God’s grace and judgement, neither of which we fully understand, we have to acknowledge how deeply we are manipulated by our own just world belief.

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Intercessions for August 6, 2011

This is an interesting week. Isaiah doesn’t want to get killed, Jesus saves a drowning man, and Jews and Greeks are all the same. My biggest take-away from this week is that I’m glad that I’m comfortable with silence. It’s a pretty self-centered practice, in a way, to hide away from the world for some time to empty my mind and hear God. But yet it impacts my relationships to the community, so there has to be some place for talking about me in the midst of talking about us. It seems that “personal relationship with Jesus” and “communal faith” are really 2 ends of a spectrum, and neither is centered. But I digress….

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