Older Intercessions

It occurred to me to post my older intercessions here, and stop hanging on to a bunch of files….. Browse these if you like, but they’re mainly here just for me for safe-keeping.

Intercessions for August 8, 2008

Divine Creator, you call your faithful people to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Guide us as we proclaim the joy of your gospel and the blessings of your abundant grace and mercy.

Gracious Creator, ruler of the universe, from chaos you called forth the beauty of creation. Help us to care for the earth, to sustain and tend the lands, waters, and skies, so that their yields may increase and bless us with their abundance.

Almighty Creator, author of unity, your desire is for all humanity to live in peace. Grant wisdom and compassion to those in authority, to govern with care and justice. Grant patience and compassion to each of us, to care for others just as You care for each of us.

Merciful Creator, source of compassion, you care for the poor, the unemployed, the homeless, and all who are in need. We pray for them to know the peace of your consolation. Healer of all, may the touch of your healing hands bless and give strength to the weary and sick.

Almighty Creator, protector of all life, you have blessed our congregation with many gifts. Inspire us to let the Holy Spirit work through us as we share our gifts. Bestow us with insight and creativity, as we share our gifts and ourselves in caring for both those in our midst, and throughout the world.

Eternal Creator, our hope in years to come, throughout the ages you have blessed those who confessed you as the one true God. Strengthen our faith in the blessings of your grace and salvation, and bring us to eternal rest and everlasting peace with all your faithful servants.

Intercessions for August 17, 2008

Redeemer of the world, we pray for healing of the divisions that separate and distract Your children from Your endless grace that allows us to thrive. May all Christians in all places grow in holy love for each other, and in respect for the unity and diversity that enrich our fellowship.

God of all, embolden us in our service to the world and all our brothers and sisters. Bless our work to care for your glorious creation and to always guide it toward the vision of goodness that celebrates your glory.

Lord of Heaven and Earth, we pray for all who work for justice and peace in our communities, especially our police officers, social workers, and court officials. Grant safety and strength to them in all adversity, and compassion to advocate for those in need.

Healing Lord, we ask for the comfort of your presence to embrace the dying, hospitalized, and sick. May all who suffer know the presence of your Spirit, your endless compassion, and your care.

Saving God, bless your mission congregations, and missionaries in all places. Bless our congregation, and all congregations, in bringing forth disciples to carry your Good News. Strengthen our faith to rejoice in your call that brings us into the radiant light of your glory.

God of eternal love, shower comfort upon all who mourn and joy upon all who sorrow. We give thanks for all the saints who have followed your call, and all who now rest from their labors.

Intercessions for September 7, 2008

O God, aid Your servants who warn of the dangers of wickedness, to proclaim Your forgiveness, and Your desire for Your children to turn from their darkness to the light of Your ways. Guide us always to seek reconciliation and forgiveness in the whole body of Christ.

O God, open our hearts and minds to overcome the human bigotry and intolerance that hardens our hearts and hides Your face. Help us to clothe ourselves in Christ, to love and respect our neighbors, to fulfill Your law of love in compassion and grace, given boundlessly to us.

O God, grant wisdom and understanding to our leaders, to keep and promote your laws. Incline their hearts to your decrees, to seek justice and to serve without selfishness or unjust gain.

O God, fold your loving arms around all who struggle with depression, loneliness, addiction, or sickness, (especially), that they may know your mercy and healing power, and Your Spirit that comforts and flows without end.

O God, encourage us in our conflicts to come together and to reconcile our differences. Stir our hearts to seek peace in our families, our congregations, and in all communities in all places.

O God, strengthen our faith that grants us confidence in the shining day when we will gather in the fullness of Your presence, with all the saints who now rest in You.

Intercessions for October 12, 2008


Lord, You shower us with endless mercy and blessing, in our world that fills with tumult and noise. Nurture our faith, to seek our refuge in You, Who shines as the sun in all its strength, and breaks through all darkness in our lives.


God, the world stands wide and seeks our aid, just as you aid us. Bind together all your children, in our differences and struggles and joys, and teach us to together share our work of tending Your creation, and caring for all who hunger and thirst in mind, soul, and body, just as you feed us.


Creator, as you call us to share in the great bounty of your grace and love, the world distracts us as we bear our daily tasks and responsibilities. Give us eyes to clearly see Your face, and ears to hear Your voice, as we allow the steadfastness and wisdom of the Spirit to guide us in our daily tasks.


Healer of the world, grant Your peace and Your healing to all who suffer with depression, loneliness, addiction, or sickness – in our families, our communities, and especially those we name in our hearts…………. Grant them the comfort of knowing your presence and care.


God of all ages, we thank You for all the saints, whose lives and work embodied the Good News in their times and places, who inspire and teach us even now, and who now rest from their labors in the light of Your glory. Lord, in Your mercy,

Intercessions for October 25, 2008

The earth spins on in deepest space, a mystery of love in God’s immense grace. We hallow God’s great gift of time and life.

With gratitude we remember the countries of the Reformation and the heritage they maintain even as we rejoice at the growth of the evangelical Lutheran church in Africa and Asia.

We hold up the ministry of nurses, social workers, counselors, and diaconal ministers, giving thanks for their courage, faith, and support from companions in Christ.

We give thanks for generosity in this and every congregation, and pray that our tithes and offerings be extended even as Christ’s love abounds in us from day to day.

In thanksgiving we remember saints who have gone before us (especially the apostles Simon and Jude), and we pray for the day when we shall stand with them at the feast that has no end, at the table of the Lamb.

Intercessions for November 23, 2008


Lord, You seek your sheep from far and wide. You bring the lost and the suffering into the great pasture of Your care and saving love, even as you bring Your justice to the world. Open our eyes and ears to your steadfast guidance, and teach our hearts to seek justice in all things.


Creator, all life sits in the secure grasp of your all-powerful hands. Speak to our minds to know Your immeasurable greatness and glory, and to know the glad hope of grace that brings us into the bright, warm light of living in the blessings of Your everlasting promises.


God, through every nation and far corner of the world, we care for You as we feed, and clothe, and heal, and welcome even the least of us. Fill our hearts with compassion to serve a needful and hurting world as we serve You.


Comforter of the world, grant peace and healing to our brothers and sisters who struggle in sickness of body, mind, and heart, especially those we name in our hearts…………. Help them to know your presence and care.


God of all ages, we praise You as we celebrate the lives and work of all the saints, who inspire and teach us even as they rest from their labors in the light of Your glory.

Intercessions for November 30, 2008


God, we rejoice at knowing that we are Your people, marked in our baptism and ever being taught and shaped by You. Open our ears to hear Your voice that steadfastly guides us, and our eyes to see Your graciousness and mercy in Your blessings to us each day.


Creator, You have blessed us in all manner of gifts and insights, through which we may serve our Church and Your world. As we enter the season of Advent, fill us with anticipation and hope and astonishment, to see how You make all things new as we serve You through loving and serving all people of the world.


Lord, You came into the world as a baby, the darling of the world, and You will come again in the great promise of our faith. in all power and glory. Strengthen our faith to fill us with the joy of knowing that You will bring us to the light and heat and bright glory of Your coming.


Healer of the world, grant peace and serenity to our brothers and sisters who struggle in sickness of body, mind, and heart, especially those we name in our hearts…………. Shield them with Your protective arms, and grant them the knowledge of your provision and care.


God of every age and time, we thank You for the gift of saints both now and through the ages, who inspire and teach us now, even as they rest from their labors in the light of Your glory.

Intercessions for March 22, 2009


Providing God, in our darkest times, when we can only see a great chasm that separates You from us, bless our eyes and ears, to hear and see You at work in the midst of our tumultuous lives, and to know the truth of your unwavering faith in us.


Gracious God, as You bring us from death into life through Your endless grace, teach us to surrender to the power of Your Holy Spirit that sets us to Your work in this needful world.


Sacrificing God, You sent Your Son to open the door of salvation for us. Bless our minds and hearts to recognize the immensity of Your saving love, and spur us to be Your light in our world.


Healing God, we pray for our brothers and sisters who struggle in sickness or any manner of darkness, especially all who we name, aloud or in our hearts…………. Teach us compassion, to care for our loved ones as you care for us.


Eternal God, we thank You for the lives of the saints, both now and through the ages, that teach us and inspire us to Your discipleship.

Intercessions for May 9, 2009


Lord, You have spoken to us in all ages, and You still speak to us even now. Grant us ears to hear Your voice, through which You then open our eyes to Your action in our world. Open our minds and hearts to Your guidance, to reach out to our friends, our family, our neighbors, and even strangers, who might otherwise not know Your bountiful love.

I John

Lord, Your infinite grace grants us freedom from Your law, freedom to love, to serve, and to care for our community. Open our hearts to the power of Your Spirit, that burdens our hearts and drives us to serve our coworkers and community in equity and righteousness.


Lord, we falter and fail when we strive under our own power, believing in our own self-sufficiency. We can only thank You for loving us so much as to strengthen and aid us as we serve You. We thank You for the privilege of Your employing us in bringing Your hope and care to the world.


Healing God, we pray for our brothers and sisters who struggle in sickness or any manner of darkness, especially all who we name, in our bulletin, aloud, or in our hearts…………. Teach us compassion, to care for our loved ones as you care for us.


Eternal God, we thank You for the lives of the saints, both now and through the ages, that teach us and inspire us to Your discipleship.

Intercessions for August 15, 2009


Lord, in the fullness of Your love, You come down to us and bring us gifts of wisdom and insight that have the power to change us – humbling us, and transforming us into compassionate servants of Your Word, if we would only accept them. Help us ever more to open our hearts, to be endlessly renewed as Your children, and to be seated with You at Your great banquet of life and love in righteousness.


Lord, at our Baptism, Your Holy Spirit came to dwell in us as our constant companion and our guide. Help us to let Your Spirit swell within our hearts and our minds, and to fill us with joy, with wonder, and with amazement, to rejoice and to celebrate Your love, Your graciousness, and Your care, here now in our Worship, and in our day-to-day lives among our families, our co-workers, and our neighbors.


Lord, You are bread for the world, our Sustenance and our Life-Giver. Stir us to share our blessings and our abundance with our community and the world, help us to know that as Your servants, You care for the world through each of us, and teach us to pray for all who are oppressed by poverty, hunger, or injustice.


Lord, we pray for our neighbors, our families, and all who suffer in sickness of mind, body, or spirit, especially all who we name in our bulletin, and who we name now, aloud, or in our hearts……..

Intercessions for September 5/6, 2009


Lord, You guided the Israelites safely to Zion, and brought forth water from a parched land to refresh Your people. We praise you for safely guiding our summer travels and bringing us home, and we pray that You would renew us as we serve our families, our neighbors, and our coworkers with new hearts and refreshed spirits.


Lord, in our Baptism Your Holy Spirit came to dwell within each of us, to transform our lives as Your children. Open our minds and our hearts to the power of Your Spirit that fills us with compassion for the needs of all people, whether rich, poor, near, or far away. Spur us to seek justice for even the least of Your children.


Lord, You came into the world to offer Your saving grace to all sinners. Bless each of us with a spirit of thankfulness, to praise Your faithfulness and to celebrate Your love for each of us, here in our worship, and as we go forth into our communities to live in the light of your grace.


Lord, we pray that all who labor receive just compensation, that the unemployed find meaningful work, and that all employers create workplaces where justice, fairness, and equity thrive.


Lord, we pray for all who suffer with disease, injuries, or sickness, for Pastor Albertin as he heals, and especially for all those who we name in our bulletins, or who we name now, aloud or in our hearts.

Intercessions for Christmas Eve, 2009


God our Shepherd, we walk in darkness, but Your promised great light is at hand – a Holy Child who brings us light and life, who releases us from our bondage, and who dwells with us as one of us. Bless us and help us to bring Your justice, peace, and promise to the world, reborn, renewed, and refreshed by Your grace.


God our Redeemer, with people throughout the world, on this quiet night, we share this celebration of a new salvation and new redemption born to us in Jesus Christ. Teach us to welcome and to embrace all of Your children, diverse and different, yet equally blessed and redeemed by You.


God with us, in every time and place the voices of saints and angels together proclaim the good news of great joy which is for all people. Blend our voices with theirs, and at the last day assemble us all around Your heavenly throne to forever sing a joyful song to You.

Intercessions for February 2, 2010


Lord, through shining in glory on Moses’ face, You showed the Israelites that You are the Promise-Keeper and that You are always faithful to Your people. Strengthen our faith, to know that You are our Promise-Keeper, that You will always be faithful to us, and help each of us to proclaim Your steadfast love to the world.

2 Corinthians

Lord, we seem to forget about the freedom of Your forgiveness and mercy when our world drives us to be self-made successes, endlessly trying to prove to everyone just how right we are. Lift the veil from our eyes, and help us to see that we are free to love those who despise us, free to forgive those who have wronged us, and free to be little Christs to the world.

Valentines’ Day

Lord, bless all those who are sick in body, in mind, or in heart, among our families, our neighbors, and the strangers who we don’t know. Bless them with the assurance that you are with them in their need. On this Valentine’s Day, bless our relationships with trust and love, strengthening each other for serving You in the world.

Intercessions for March 3, 2010


Lord, we pray that you would reach to us and shape our tongues to share your teaching with the world, that our message of grace and forgiveness might overwhelm the world’s resistance to our hope of eternal salvation.


Lord, we pray for you to strike the deepest reaches of our hearts, to channel our desires and passions into serving people as you would have us serve, to concern ourselves less with the affirmation of people, and to be concerned with the service of Christ. Help us to exalt God above personal justification or interest, to confess the love of our God.


Lord, we seek to be reconciled and healed through your gift of communion – your broken body and your shed blood – that brings your real fullness into our lives. May this precious gift bring us to closeness with you, and on to real life in Your Christ.

Intercessions for March 21, 2010


Lord, You promised Your people that You will do a new thing, that will spring forth to guide us through the wilderness. Bless our lives as we prepare to celebrate Easter, and Jesus’ sacrifice that brings us to new life and growth, to be Your new creations, free to offer love, compassion, and our concern to everyone we encounter each day.


Lord, You moved Your servant Paul to seek and to find his life through the suffering and resurrection of Christ. Aid us to not hinder the Holy Spirit in giving us new eyes, to look past our frustrations and failures, and to set our sights on the path set before us, where we begin again to live in the light of Christ as a clean and holy people, where we fully believe and know that you love each of us, you cleanse us, and you redeem us over and over again.


Lord, Your dirty feet were washed, anointed, and perfumed with costly fragrance. Help us to find those places in our lives where we don’t feel safe, or resist, to freely share our treasures, our resources, or ourselves with the rest of Your people, and help us to let go of our fear and reluctance, to be free through Christ to loosen our grasp on the things that hold us back from letting each of us be a living psalm and a living gospel to Your extravagant goodness.


Lord, we pray for our members, friends, coworkers, and strangers on the street, who may suffer in sickness of health, body, mind, or need, that You would touch them with Your healing hands and sheltering wings, to know Your love, and to begin to heal.

Intercessions for April 17, 2010


Lord, You called and transformed Saul into a life of teaching and proclaiming the Gospel. Call and transform us as a priesthood of believers, as we toil and serve from day to day in our individual vocations, and teach us how to proclaim Your Gospel through how we respect, serve, and have compassion for our coworkers and all who we encounter.


Lord, as we navigate chaos, tribulation, and complication in our daily lives, we stress and worry, and we wonder where You have gone. We no longer see You. You become hidden to us. Just as we pray for You to comfort the sick and suffering, comfort each of us in our place and time, to know that You have never left us, that You are with us in every moment, and that You forever redeem and love us through thick and thin.


Lord, You spoke to the Disciples through strangers. They did not recognize you, but their faith made them recognize Your voice. Open our ears to hear Your voice speaking to us through our loved ones and strangers, to bless us and teach us compassion, and use our tongues and lips to speak Your words of love and forgiveness to everyone we encounter, as You guide them and each of us with the very same universal power of Your Holy Spirit.


Lord, lend Your healing touch to all who suffer in sickness of mind, body, or heart, from our loved ones in our families, to our neighbors, our coworkers, those we don’t know, and those who we name before You now……..

Intercessions for June 6, 2010

I Kings

Lord, Your prophet Elijah called on You to revive a widow’s son even though it seemed that You were raining suffering upon suffering on an innocent people. Just as You heard his cries and restored life and breath, grant us courage in the midst of our own suffering and pain, when we may feel that You have abandoned us, to cry out to You in faith, and to know that You will hear us and grant us light and life.


Lord, You transformed Paul from judge and persecutor to a blessor and proclaimer of the Gospel, even though he felt that no one could forget his past, or believe that he could change. Teach us that we can be and are forgiven in spite of all odds, no matter how hard it is for us to even forgive ourselves, and that we can and do change, as Your Holy Spirit transforms us into a holy people.


Lord, grant wisdom to the leaders of our congregation, our community, and nation, to make right and just decisions, to uphold their responsibilities ethically and fairly, and to seek wellbeing and safety for us and the world.


Lord, give Your healing, comfort, and peace to all who suffer from sickness or injury, from lonliness, or from any suffering, in our families and communities, and especially those who we mention in our bulletin, …………….. Let them know that You are with them at all times, to hear, to bless, and to bring peace.

Intercessions for July 24, 2010


Lord, You showed Abraham that you are a God Who speaks truth and Who keeps promises. Teach us to trust Your Word and Your promises, that You will always welcome us and love us just as we are, and that we might see and give You thanks for how richly You bless us every day.


Lord, You led Your servant Paul from oppressor to saint and teacher. Help us this week through our troubles and habits, our missteps and selfishness, to discover an opportunity to be Your hands and voice for another person, and to be led into greater love and compassion.


Lord, we lift up to You all who hurt or suffer, in mind or body, to be healed and to know the comfort that You promise to all of us, especially our families and friends, and those we have named in our bulletin ……………

Intercessions for September 26, 2010


Lord, we praise You for how richly You have blessed each of us, and our community. teach us how to be ever more compassionate, to see Christ in every person, and to share our great blessings with those around us, and to be a blessing to this community.

1 Timothy

Lord, we strive for great success in the eyes of the world, often just to know that we’re providing and striving for our loved ones, and sometimes we focus so hard that we lose sight of Your presence and love in our lives. Help each of us to pray to You, to take time for You, Who will bring healing and faith to us, to provide with renewed hearts.


Lord, we pray for our loved ones, and anyone we don’t know, who might be suffering from sickness or injury, loneliness or need, that You would grant them comfort and strength and Your merciful presence, in their need. We especially pray for Rich, Andi, the Vance family, Max, and Elmer.

Intercessions for October 31, 2010


Lord God, You made a deep promise to the house of Israel, they strayed, and yet Your love is so deep and wide, that You made an even greater promise to write Your name on their hearts, and Your love in their hearts. Help us trust You, that You always keep Your promises, and that no matter how we may stray, You will always love us and claim us as Your people.


Loving God, today we are again taught about Your matchless grace, that frees us and redeems us as justified people, with sin but walking in Your light. Bless us to love the world and our communities, to help others know and experience the freedom and love that we know from You.


Healing God, comfort all who suffer from sickness, loneliness, or grief. Be with the country of Belize to recover from the devastating disaster of hurricane. We espiecally pray for Your comfort and strength for the Maas family, for Rich, for Russell, Kristen, and Ledger, and for Max and Elmer.

Intercessions for November 7, 2010


God of visions, You gave Your prophet Daniel a vision of Your glory, the coming of Your kingdom that surpasses our hopes and fears. Comfort us and teach us how to live in this in-between time, with its turmoils, pains, and great joys, to care for our neighbors with generosity and love, and to see Your Kingdom breaking through in our time and this place right now.


God of hope, You tell us that the poor will be blessed, the hungry will be filled, and You tell us to bless those who would curse us. Give us hope, as we begin this new week, that as we face our own challenges and struggles, we can always see a brighter day of peace around the corner and can rejoice in that promise.


God of healing, You are present with all who suffer in sickness, loneliness, or despair. Give them comfort and shelter them with Your wings. We especially pray for those we mention in our bulletin…….

All Saints

God of faithfulness, we rejoice for the lives of the saints who have served You and who now rest from their labors. We thank You for the saints of old, whose lives inspire and teach us now. We also thank You for the saints we have known in our own lives, who have served us, blessed us, and made our own lives that much richer. Bless us to be saints to the world, to be able to bless and serve as we ourselves have been blessed and served.

Intercessions for January 2, 2011

Holy Wisdom, gather and deliver your people. Let this new year be a time of renewal and refreshment for this community as we seek to follow Your Son, Christ our Savior, in lives of caring. Help us to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq who risk death for loving and praising you as we can freely do here. Grant them safety and hope in the midst of their trials, and help us to appreciate our own safety.

Divine Mystery, You spoke, and the world was created. The winter world brings cold, and the earth sleeps with the promise of new life to come. In this time of dimmed light, grant us each with the bright flame of Christ, to return to our daily work with a renewed sense of purpose and hope, to inspire those around us to a sense of helping, service, and patience for everyone who comes into our paths.

Gracious Giver, enrich this congregation with grace upon grace in the new year, and sustain us as  live out our baptismal calling to embrace everyone who has joined us for worship in these recent months. Guide us to serve their needs, and to inspire them to serve in turn.

Abiding Spirit, you are near to all in need. Console those who are grieving, lonely, isolated, or far from hope. We especially pray for ……….. Bless them with your tender care, and turn their worries into hope.

Intercessions for January 23, 2011

Church of Christ

God of All, guide Your church to welcome all people who would seek to know Your truth and love. Grant Your compassion and help to each of us, to be the church wherever we are, to reach out and to affirm the dignity of all people,

Creation, Society, Authority

God of Promises, we live in a turmoil of economic instability, of unemployment, and of politics that can threaten and divide us. Help us to look to you in faith, to see Your light shining in our darkness, and to make Your light shine more brightly for the sake of the world.

Local Community

God of Action, bless our Annual Meeting this morning, to be a time for us here, together, to rejoice in our mission to serve our community and each other, and to look forward to a new year of greater ministry and service through Christ Church.

All Who Suffer

God of Healing, You suffer with all of us who suffer, in sickness, grief, or pain. Grant care and comfort for all who need Your shelter and Your healing.

Communion of Saints

God of History, we thank You for the saints in our lives, who showed us Your love through their love, and who continue to live in our hearts. We remember Phoebe, who gave her life to the service of all who were in need. Bless us to be saints for others, to be a living Gospel for them.

Intercessions for February 12, 2011

Church of Christ

God of Diversity, You bless us with teaching, with preaching, and with the gifts of Your meal here today, through which your Holy Spirit flows into us. Call us to share in serving our community together, grounded in Your Word, and recognizing the unique gifts You have given to each of us, for the sake of the world.

Creation, Society, Authority

God of Life, we live in a dangerous world that chooses death, that bows to money or power, to gods of its own making that do not give life. Help our leaders here and throughout the world to make life-giving choices, to seek justice and welfare for all people.

Local Community

God of Grace, You remind us of our humanness, our weaknesses and failings in the face of Your laws. Grant us with Your loving mind of grace, to recognize the forgiveness and mercy that You extend to us, and help us to share mercy and forgiveness with our brothers and sisters.

All Who Suffer

God of Healing, we pray for victims of violence, for those affected by divorce, for those living with addiction, anger, fear, or illness, and especially for all who we name in our bulletin, that they may know Your healing love.

Communion of Saints

God of History, we thank You for the saints in our lives, who showed us Your love through their love, and who continue to live in our hearts. We remember Cyril, who gave his life to teaching and to praising Your glory. Bless us to be saints for others, to be a living Gospel for them.

Intercessions for March 12, 2011


Lord, bless your Church to continue growing throughout the world, to bring Your free gifts of grace, justification, and righteousness to all people. Help Your Church to give hope to us and to all who suffer, to see the light of Your grace overshadowing the darkness and death of our sin.


Lord, grant humility and a thirst for justce to all our leaders, to not take their power for granted, or to abuse it. Guide their decisions to bring justice and equality to all people.


Lord, as we strive to seek and to serve You each day in our communities, homes, and workplaces, struggles and temptations trouble us and make our way difficult. Strengthen our faith to know that You walk with us in all difficulties, bringing us to everlasting life bought for us by the sacrifice of Your Son.


Lord, You suffer with all who suffer in sickness, grief, or disaster. We pray for the people of Japan, suffering from massive earthquake, tsunami, fires, and untold devastation.  Grant safety to all relief workers and those who will be arriving to help, and sustain your people in these tumultuous days. We pray also for those around us who suffer or who need your reassurance, especially ……………………..


Lord, the lives of your saints continue to inspire us and give us hope. We thank you for the lives of Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth, who dedicated their lives to justice and equality for all people. Allow our own lives to be an inspiration and a gospel of truth to others.

Intercessions for March 26, 2011

Church of Christ

Lord, among all people, in all parts of the world, bless Your Church and help it to share the life-giving news of Jesus Christ, through whom all people can be sustained and filled with springs of living water that gush and flow, that we might never thirst.

Creation, Society, Authority

Lord, the powers of nature frighten us with tsumani, earthquake, and flood, and we wonder whether you really are among us in the midst of this chaos and disaster, and how could such tragedy happen? Strengthen our faith, to know that you walk with us at all times, that You hear the cry of Your people, and work through us to bring care and compassion to the world in its need.

Local Community

Lord, through Your Holy Spirit, You pour Your love into our hearts and you justify us, in spite of our sin and our brokenness. Fill us with Your joy and peace, to sustain us through our stresses and worries this week, and to look through it all with the hope that You will continue to help us grow as people who live grounded in Your Word and richly in Your grace.

All Who Suffer

Lord, You sit with all who suffer in sickness or from disaster. Sustain the people of Japan in these days of uncertainty. We especially pray for your blessings for ………………………………

Communion of Saints

Lord, in all times, Your Saints have glorified Your name. We celebrate Your servant Hans Hauge, who dedicated his life to sharing the blessed assurance of Your salvation with all people. Help us to be saints for others, to show the depth of Your love through our own lives.

Intercessions for April 3, 2011


Lord, bless Your Church and help it to reveal to the world the transforming power of the Gospel, that through Your Holy Spirit, we are transformed and free to share in the creating and redeeming work of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Though we are broken people, help us to know that we are Your children who heal the world.


Lord, guide our governments and leaders to make right decisions that shine light upon the darkness of injustice and inequity, and that empower all people to bear good fruit for the sake of the world.


Lord, help us to see those around us as You see them, not by outward appearance, but by the heart. Grant us open minds to welcome the unexpected gifts and strengths that come from people we would least expect to be blessings for us.


Lord, You sit with all Your people through every suffering, every sickness, or trouble. Sustain Your people through the world who struggle to rebuild from disaster. We especially pray for Grace, Ted, Mireille, Clara, Marika, Kathryn, Max, Elmer, and Cindy.

Intercessions for April 10, 2011


Lord, when our hope is lost, when we feel cut off from you, and we are as dry bones, breathe your life-giving breath into us and fill us with Your Holy Spirit. Give us life-giving words, to speak hope and pour love onto those we meet.


Lord, help us to let go of our independence, our pride, and our desperate need to be in control. Help us to trust Your transforming power that liberates us, and free us from our fears, to lay our struggles at Your cross and to let your blessings flow upon us.


Lord, when our losses and burdens hide You from our eyes, help us to know that as we weep, You weep with us. Give us the faith of Mary and Martha, to trust that You are God of promises, that You keep Your word, and that You will heal us and sustain us in our need.

Intercessions for April 16, 2011

Matthew 21:1-11

Lord of majesty, You entered Jerusalem as a king and prophet, and the crowds shouted Hosanna. Help us to see and hear Your majesty in the creation that surrounds us, and teach us how to give You glory, and how to sing Your praises, through our thoughts, our words, and our actions.

Isaiah 50:4-9a

Lord of sacrifice, You were perfectly innocent, but You did not speak a word as You were tried, condemned, and nailed to a cross that we built. Let this holy week be a solemn time for us, and help us to conceive the depth of suffering that You endured for us, that we might be sanctified and live.

Philippians 2:5-11

God of service, powerful and mighty, through Your Son, You showed us humility and perfect obedience as You lived among us and served Your people. Empower and mold us as servants of Your Word, and bless us with Your Holy Spirit, to express compassion for the sake of those around us.

Intercessions for May 1, 2011


God of Glory, purify Your Church and bless its servants, that through their labor, the Holy Spirit would come to us to reassure us that You are present with us, to teach us to walk in paths that give life, and to draw our hopes and our sight toward the light of Your glory.


Lord of Promises, be with those who are suffering in the aftermath of devastating tornado and wind. Grant them hope through their hopelessness, protection through their weakness, and faith to sustain them through their loss and their darkness.


God of Mercy, our fears and our stress weigh us down, curving us inward, away from those who desperately need to be filled and sustained by You. Free us and fill us with the same creating and blessing power that filled Christ, that we could pour out forgiveness and mercy on all who surround us in our own time and place.


Lord of Healing, You sit alongside all who suffer in sickness, pain, sadness, or loneliness.


God of Love, bless our eighth graders through the Rite of Confirmation later this morning. You have led them through their growing and learning, and you have blessed their teachers to teach them of truth and righteousness. Help us to celebrate, and to equip them to serve and to care, as saints and as Your children.

Intercessions for May 22, 2011

Church of Christ

Renewing Lord, bless Your church, to proclaim the hope we have in the sacrifice of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Help Your servants to show to the world Your healing and renewing continuing through us now.

Salvation of the World

Merciful Lord, we lift up the suffering of the world from injustice and greed. Strengthen our faith to see justice and compassion springing forth around us where we least expect it, and to be merciful people, for you have shown us infinite mercy.

Local Community

Creating Lord, we lift before You our shared life here together, as a community of faith. With our congregational meeting this morning, fill us with an encouragement and energy that makes our light to shine, and open minds to embrace our creativity and passions for Your ministry.


Healing Lord, You suffer with all who suffer in sickness, loneliness, or grief. Grant Your strength and Your comfort in the midst of difficulties. We especially pray for XXXXXX. We also pray for healing for Edith.


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