Intercessions for October 16, 2011

This week’s readings seem to speak about assumptions. We live in diverse communities, with a lot of mistrust, and we naturally make lots of assumptions about “them” and what they really want. This week we’ll hear about Cyrus the King of Iran (especially interesting considering Middle East politics and the face of Islam), successful churches, and the tax. I find myself being warned that things are not necessarily what they seem to be.

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Intercessons for October 2, 2011

Community. That seems to be where my mind is focused this week. Of course, if you’re the kind of person that wants to hole up in your cave, this post will be a waste. This week’s readings offer us a more fufilling alternative to the life we live now. As long as we suffer from guilt, or seek to succeed, or to be blameless – maybe the first thing we think of as seeking freedom – it just doesn’t work. Because all those things remain in endless supply, and the fight never stops. But what if there was another way…? What if there were a new way to see and perceive, where all those things vanish? A new way where we’re not fighting, but thriving?

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