Preparing Church Videos for Website

This is a quick guide to preparing videos for streaming on the church website.

Convert original to MOV

  • I use iSkySoft Video Converter to convert to MOV. Particularly when working with WMV, it can be read and converted. You can also tweak output sizes pretty easily here, though I prefer doing as much as possible just within iMovie 11.

Create Hinted, Streaming Video File with iMovie

  • I usually keep all projects and events deleted, because everything I do is a 1-off job.
  • Start by creating a new project with desired ratio (I usually use 4:3). Be careful to ensure that “No Theme” is selected.
  • Right-click in the Event Library pane and select “Import Movies”. Pick your desired MOV file. This import takes a little time, as various processes execute, like optimizing video and generating thumbnails.
  • Right-click anywhere in the event pane (i.e. the thumbnails of the clip) and select “Select Entire Clip”. Then drag into any of the empty frames in the Project pane.
  • From the menu, select Share -> Export Using QuickTime.
  • In the Export dropdown, select “Movie to QuickTime Movie” and click the Options button.
  • Make sure Video is selected, and click the Settings button to at least verify that H.264 compression, the desired framerate, and automatic data rate are all selected. Then click the Size button to choose your desired output video size. I usually do 320×240 for web video or photo slideshows.
  • Make sure Audio is selected.
  • Check the checkbox for “Prepare for Internet Streaming” and select “Hinted Streaming”.
  • Click the Save button, and allow plenty of time for rendering.

Verify Streaming with Darwin Streaming Server

  • I have Darwin Streaming Server installed locally. So, I copy the output video file (hinted) to /Library/QuickTimeStreaming/Movies.
  • Test streaming with QuickTime Player pointed to rtsp://localhost/

Upload File

  • Lastly, upload the file to /home/deloera/
  • Ultimately, the URL will be rtsp://




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