You Are Released!

2013-08-24 Sermon on Luke 13:10-17

So, do any of you like Chik-Fil-A? It’s fast food, but I think they serve really good chicken sandwiches (they’re not paying me for that by the way). Probably, if I had a nickel for every time I’ve gotten out of church on Sunday and wanted Chik-Fil-A, I’d be rich. But unfortunately, they’re closed on Sundays. And it’s fairly unusual these days for a store or restaurant to actually be closed on Sunday. I know some of you are old enough to remember when this was common, and for me, I think I grew up on the tail end of that. But these days it’s unusual, unless you’re shopping for a car, or beer or wine. And when we do encounter it, it seems pretty inconvenient. Or at least, maybe we resent them just a little bit for not being open when we need them to be.

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