Shake the Dust off Your Feet!

2015-07-05 Sermon on Mark 6:1-13

Jesus comes home to preach, and it’s a fight! To jump to the chase, they were scandalized – made angry – by whatever he said. How angry? Mark doesn’t say. But Luke does. There, the people get so angry that they actually chase Jesus out to a cliff to try and throw him over. How’s that for a hometown reception! Now, at the same time, maybe you’ve also noticed over these weeks – Jesus is all about the miracles – calming storms and healing diseases and resurrecting children. So, who cares what Jesus says, these miracles should blow our minds, right? Raising the dead? Can you even imagine? And they don’t HAVE to imagine it – don’t they SEE it? Naah, these people are so blind with anger that they don’t even see anything but a target on Jesus. Why are they so pissed off with Jesus? Probably because they’re hearing big time condemnation from him – you messed up, and now God’s going to take his blessings elsewhere, to other people who aren’t even Jews! Wow – do you think God’s chosen people are maybe a little enraged?

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