How to Find the Good News in Anger, Cheating, and Lying

2017-02-12 Sermon on Matthew 5:21-37

The gospel of the Lord? Hard to say. We just want to hear Jesus talk about grace, mercy, forgiveness. Evidently Jesus just wants to pound law. You shall not murder, you shall not commit adultery, you shall not swear falsely. That’s 3 commandments that we already know – 7 more to go, right? So how can this possibly be gospel. Gospel means good news. If it’s not good, and it’s not news, then it’s not gospel. Kind of simplistic, but it’s absolutely true. This just feels like Old Testament on repeat. But in fact, we don’t even need Jesus to tell us that this is bad stuff. We know how they tear apart our communities. Every day people are killed. Relationships fall apart. People lie. Cheaters cheat. And we’re all wounded by it in one way or another. Either it’s you, or someone close to you, or maybe you just hear a story and it doesn’t feel obvious that you’re affected, but I bet you’d expect Jesus to say you are, even if you don’t believe it, right? I know it sounds cynical, but isn’t it hard to imagine things changing any time soon?

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