Recent Intercessions

Blogging my latest intercessions, while I’m thinking of them.

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Intercessions for Week of February 26, 2012

Dang! It’s been about forever since I’ve posted. So much is happening with candidacy and serminary application, that I can’t quite find it in me to spare the mental bandwidth to write here.

Come to think of it, I guess I haven’t been serving as assisting minister much in a while, either. But, it leaves space for others to start serving, and that’s important to me. I’m very taken with the thought that we’re all equally means of grace for each other. And I can sure use some grace!

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Intercessions for November 27, 2011

The first Sunday of Advent! A new church year. Coming off the craziness of Thanksgiving, it’s hard for me to be emotionally present in the start of the season. This week’s readings seem scattershot at first, but then I started to see some common threads that stand out to me. Most surprisingly, that our God is not like other gods. It’s almost like being in doctrine class. Anyway, I hope you might find something meaningful in my post for this week.

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